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Use an alarm clock. Make sure the audio is something soothing- a clock that screeches "beep beep beep" will just scare the heck out of you.

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We all have those "blah" mornings. Unlike some of my friends who are "night owls," I am a morning person. I usually wake up eager to look out

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Here are eight tips to help you win the fight and wake up early: Take the first steps. The toughest part of the morning is simply getting out of bed. Cultivate a mental environment. Develop a get to attitude. Create some accountability. Sleep well. Never snooze. Stick to your wake time. Build momentum.

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Good news for night owls, and anyone else who doesn't bound out of bed when the sun comes up: You can learn to love your mornings. Even small changes to

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Here is how you can engineer your environment to wake up early: Put your alarm clock across the room so you have to get up to turn it off. Set your coffee on a timer so it's ready when you wake up. Put out a warm robe before bed so you can easily access it when you get out of bed.

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Here are other ways to wake up rested in the morning. Drink Caffeine. Guillermo Murcia / Getty Images. Lose the Alarm Clock. Regina Podolsky / EyeEm / Getty Images. Get Light Exposure. Use Prescription Stimulants. Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule. Treat Your Sleep Disorders. Exercise and Be Active. Eat Breakfast. By Henry Ford Health System Staff. If you're like many Americans, your busy life often keeps your mind and body racing all day long. You hit

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